About us

Who we are

Titanic Audio is the very definition of exquisite hand-made craftsmanship, born in the very heart of Belfast. Bearing the iconic name, Titanic, we not only stand as a symbol of Northern Ireland manufacturing, but also hold the same revolutionary philosophies that were once true, and have reimagined what that can be to the Hi-Fi industry. 

The journey so far!

Titanic Audio was created out of pure passion for analogue sound. The first analogue cartridge was created in 1925, and it has paved the way of high end sound ever since. In a world where most products have a sell by date, and technologies are outdated in an instant, vinyl has never lost its way.

The phono cartridge is the key element to getting a truly focused and lifelike sound from your
vinyl. While the technique of how we transfer the sound from vinyl to our ears may have changed
drastically over the years, we felt the technology of cartridge design was falling by the way side.

That is why Titanic Audio was born. Behind the stunning range of Titanic Audio cartridge is the designers of the multi award winning Titan Audio range. Some of you may be thinking, why would cable manufacturers know anything about cartridges? Let us explain…

The Titanic Audio range is at the forefront of the analogue sound presentation, and if you get the pleasure of hearing one at your local dealer, you will understand exactly what we mean.

As many of you know, the designers of Titan Audio think a little outside the box, and the
technology they have designed and brought to cable design is at the forefront of the market.

Much of this was created through experience, and years of learning audio design and technology.
Cartridge design is nothing knew to the team at Titan Audio, but creating something special was
the challenge…

The primary focus of any cable is the transfer of signal in the most efficient, cleanest and most
precise way to give the receiving device the best possible information transfer, thus allowing it to
perform to its full potential. A phono cartridge has a very similar job…

Cabling is also one of the key aspects of any phono cartridge. The cabling windings and internal
cabling make up many of the key components of cartridge design. This is where the expertise of
the Titan Audio design team shines the brightest, as the innovative cable designs used within the
Titanic Audio range means from the very first point of contact, right to the output of the cartridge,
nothing is lost, and the true potential of your vinyl can be appreciated.

Unique thinking in creating new and innovative suspension systems was also key to the sound
reproduction you can hear from any Titanic Audio cartridge. Specialised suspension allows the
cartridge to react in real time to movements or issues in the vinyl, thus reducing the pressure or
reactions required forma he tonearm.

Our values

At the heart of all our products, we hold strong philosophies for what they must achieve before they are considered worthy of the brand. Hours of research, development and testing have gone into each product to ensure it complies with the high standards we set.


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