Model A

Model A is the first product in our line up and although the least expensive model it shares many characteristics and features of our higher end ranges. Starting with a monocoque chassis design, the CNC machined acrylic body is mounted to a carbon fibre frame which offers exceptional dampening and rigidity.
CNC Machined Acrylic
Each body is carefully machined to extremely high tolerances to ensure precise weight distribution and maximum rigidity.
Conical Jointed-diamond stylus 
Our precision mounted diamond stylus offer's superb tracking and information retrieval
0.024mm OFC Coils

Our coil's are wound using Titan Audio's exceptional copper which is provided exclusively for our cartridges

Musicality is at the heart of all our models, we focused on creating a product that not only produces high accuracy but more importantly an incredible musical experience which can be enjoyed for hours on end without fatigue. We all strive for life like reproduction of music but that shouldn't be at the expense of enjoyment.

Aluminium Cantilever

A healthy 0.34mV output makes the Model A a great companion to most MC phonostages.

0.34mV Output Level

A healthy 0.34mV output makes the Model A a great companion to most MC phonostages.

Monocoque Frame

The lightweight body is built around a carbon fibre monocoque frame to offer incredible dampening and structural support.



Stereo MC


CNC Machined Acrylic


Conical Jointed-diamond stylus







Coil Type

0.024mm OFC

Output Level

0.35mV (1KHz, 5cm/s)

Coil Impedance

7 Ω

Frequency response

20-20KHz ±1dB

Load Impedance


Recommended tracking force