About Us

The name 'Titanic' has been a staple of Northern Irish heritage for many years. In the past, a beacon of power and innovation… Now, the same is still true thanks to Titanic Audio!

The team here at Titanic Audio focus our efforts in creating reference Turntable Cartridges and Accessories to help HiFi enthusiasts get the most out of vinyl. Handcrafted in Northern Ireland, we take residence on Adelaide Street, Belfast, a historic hub now basking in innovation and forward thinking ideals from some of the country's leading businesses. Created with a goal of progressing the beloved art of vinyl recordings, we prosper to keep this leading format alive and thriving for years to come.


Innovation and expertise

Thanks to the resources already in place, our company's founder, Gary Campbell applied his expertise in cable construction and manufacture to design a moving coil construction unlike anything in the industry. By utilising a specialised copper cabling unique to Titanic Audio, our cartridges share their construction with the same quality materials found in Reference Titan Audio products. While new developments in formats such as streaming help to bring music to a younger generation, the historic relevance and quality associated with vinyl was impossible to ignore and that is why Titanic Audio prides itself in pairing modern ideas with traditional craftsmanship to help create the most realistic sound possible.

The Name

The Legacy continues

Testing the initial designs with local retails, our cartridges quickly gained industry recognition sparking dealers and customers alike to ask who this exciting new brand was. Several discussions were held while working alongside government programs such as Invest NI to help find a suitable title for this newly formed innovator in the audio industry. Several names were trailed with no success before one key board meeting was held in the high rise office space on Adelaide Street. The view from the window saw two giants standing in the distance, a mere two miles away from the meeting, Samson & Goliath. The iconic Harland & Wolff cranes towered over the landscape, and it was clear that only one name could encapsulate the same heritage and innovation that the brand knew it could achieve, Titanic!